Music is Healthy

It has been 3 months since BearKnuckle’s last show. Not only in these 3 months has BearKnuckle obtained a new drummer, Jordan Hayes; but I personally on a darker note been ill with a respiratory infection related to my Cystic Fibrosis. Tonight playing this show after not playing any shows for a while, I was able to take the deepest …

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Arrangement’s 101

All songs begin the same way.  You only know that very beginning part of the song until the song has completed.  Initially you never know the direction a song will go in.  Unless of course you keep listening.  The end of a song can often times be the same thing as the beginning to a song.  Or the song ends …

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Music: A sexual experience

Most of us musicians have a specific face we make while we are actually playing our instruments. Bass players like myself have the “bass face”. Many people probably do not realize that the face musicians make while they play music is also the same face they make when they are having sex. So I guess my “bass face” is also …

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Under the influence of music

Playing music while under the influence of alcohol is far from ideal for me. Two nights ago my good friend Fred asked me to get drunk and play music with him. We got a little more than drunk. We got tore up. I honestly can’t say that I’ve ever played music in such a state before. We recorded the whole …

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The thrill of new music

I’ve got a bunch of music on my plate as of lately. Craigger White band has new songs I have been learning and not to mention BearKnuckle is writing new material. So in the end im left with learning about 12+ songs now. I am also going to have to brush up on all of the Jimi Hendrix tribute material …

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I am sitting here bored at work, with nothing to do. The internet ins’t entertaining me at all. Facebook is a bareen waste land right now, so there’s no one to chat with. No interesting posts to share. I am wondering when I won’t have this day job anymore, when I won’t be in this position on a regular basis. …

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Black Lungs

It’s been a minute since I last posted anything on our blog. I decided to post the lyrics to a new song that I wrote and recently taught to the band. We plan to debut this song live on Saturday, May 8th. Close friends of me and my twin brother Nick know that we both have a chronic lung illness …

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We got a review guys!!

Thanks so much to Chris Martin of for reviewing our album. It is incredibly flattering and we are very proud of this review. Here is a little of what he said: “Lost Woods is seven no nonsense songs loaded with all the ear blistering music you will need.” “Atlanta’s BearKnuckle packs a punch with Lost Woods.” -Chris Martin, …

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The album is done!!!!

Last night we finalized the album master. Everything sounds great! We think the songs flow in a good way aswell. This weekend we are going to start duplicating the cd’s and we will also start printing the cd booklets and stuffing the cd jewel cases. All labor done by BearKnuckle of course. Who want’s a cd that is stuffed by …

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First post for website launch

Hey everyone this is the first actual post on  I transferred all of the blog entries from  This will now be the home of the BearKnuckle blog and our full website.  More updatings and musings to come!

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